Specialised Costume

We are a one of a kind costume studio which facilitates specialty costume design and development in a seamless manner. Right from understanding the character requirements, the plot and the action we suggest an suitable range of materials and techniques that fits the application. There are no limits to the industrial methods that we use in order to achieve the perfect product which goes from 3D design & printing, CNC, Casting, Textile Lamination, Laser & Nitro, Specialised knitting & a lot more when and however needed.

Design & Prototyping

We provide multiple options of 3d renders, sketches and visuals to the client as per their brief. Ater all approvals, we proceed for prototyping where we create multiple options of a part or the whole product to get a feel of the end use and the problems associated with the devlopment the same. This helps us evade any unknown issues that might come up in the final execution.

Material Procurement

The approved materials are procured or manufactured depending on the project. We create our own materials to maintain the exlusivity of the costumes in each project. This makes each of our creations unique in all aspects


With everything in place, we proceed with the final development maintaining a strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Every step is examined and tested practically to avoid any later complications. Every project has

Innovation in materials and techniques is something we thrive to do and we actually enjoy the process. We also experiment with mixing multiple techniqes which result into something new every single time.