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Tech Packs

  • A style can be precisely produced in huge numbers based on anintricate element of garment designing called Tech-Pack/Dockets.
  • Tech-packs are in other words the blue-print of a particular style with every minute detail mentioned referring to the development of that style.
  • Our dockets/Tech-pack sheets are simple & easy to understand with detailed flat sketches of every part of the garment and labeled instructions.
  • We provide every single measurement to be followed by the pattern master and the tailor.
  • Material, Trims, Embroidery, Labels, etc. are also included in the sheets to make the referrer clear about the whole garment development procedure.

  • For any fashion design process, illustration is one of the key elements that give direction and clarity to the ideas.
  • With us, you can have your imaginations and ideas sketched out on paper as realistically as possible. 
  • Our illustration is a hybrid of hand drawn and digitally rendered techniques which make them much more appealing and free to resize.
  • We provide illustrations for fashion, visual representations and for advertisement campaigns.

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